[S1E39] How my students improved their Japanese (4)

I am answering questions I received via Twitter regarding how to study Japanese.

Have a listen together with the last 3 episodes where I talk about how my private students have been improving their Japanese!

Shadowing Sentence: JLPT N3 Grammar うちに


うちに vs. 間



  • 知っています:I know (that). ❌知ります (This would mean “I will know it.”)
  • 知りません: I don’t know (that). ❌知っていません (This is simply wrong and doesn’t exist.)
  • 引っ越します:to move (to another place to live)
  • 全然:not at all (in a negative sentence); 全然 can be used to emphasize what you are saying. (See below)
  • びっくりします:to be surprised
  • もう一度:once again
  • 会います:to meet (someone/animals)
  • ちょっと:a little (casual version of 少し)
  • 残念です:that’s sad, that’s too bad, it’s a pity

Kanji Time 1

Kanji Time 2

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