YouTube|Listen & Repeat! [S03E08-3]🔸好き嫌い克服中のスピード狂


On 日本語声出し同好会(Speak Out Loud in Japanese Club) YouTube channel, I will be posting sentences with audio a vocab list, and a few grammar points from 声出しPodcast so you can do “Listen & Repeat” to practice the sentences.

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声出しPodcast & Script

Listen to the entire episode here!
The script is available on this post!


Get feedback here on your pronunciation & intonation after practicing with 声出せ声っ!Instagram.
You can also practice your speaking, listening, writing, and reading on 声出しdiscord for free!

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Patreon members of higher tiers will be invited to this chat series where

  1. All participants write about a topic I give each time.
  2. Your sentences will be corrected by me with my replies to your messages.
  3. You reply to my messages, and I correct your replies again – this happens a few times back and forth.
  4. Once we have a good amount of chat messages, I will record your messages and send them to you.
  5. You practice reading them with the audio I recorded.
  6. Once you feel ready (you don’t have to sound perfect – you do your best you can!) you record your messages and send them to me.
  7. Your recording will be posted together with my part of the chat on my podcast.
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