[S1E40] My go-to sushi place

I am talking about where I found my go-to sushi place finally in the US/Canada after almost 20 years of living in 8 cities in North America. In recent years, I didn’t really actively look for a sushi place as I had already pretty much given up. Took a while, but yay.

Shadowing Sentence: JLPT N3 Grammar 間


うちに vs. 間

Check the previous podcast episode 39 for an example using うちに

Also, check the explanations on うちに vs. 間 on two other blog entries.

Easy to understand! 鬼JLPT Series【N3】うちに vs. 間 ①
Easy to understand! 鬼JLPT Series【N3】うちに vs. 間 ②

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