Welcome to Speak out loud in Japanese!

This website is for Japanese learners who are interested in learning natural / native-level Japanese with lots of input – listening and speaking out loud!

I have several places online where I appear to help Japanese learners.

  1. YouTube: Listen & Repeat! with 日本語声出し同好会 Speak Out Loud in Japanese Club
  2. Podcast: 声に出して日本語を学ぼう!Speak out loud in Japanese with Shiro Kuro Papa
  3. Discord: 日本語声出し同好会
  4. Patreon: Speak out loud in Japanese! ★ 声に出して日本語を学ぼう!
  5. Twitter: Speak out loud in Japanese! with しろくろパパ ●日本語声出し同好会
  6. Instagram: (IG version of YouTube) Listen & Repeat! with 日本語声出し同好会 Speak Out Loud in Japanese Club
  7. TikTok: (same as YouTube) Speak out loud in Japanese!

Details of the above

1. YouTube:
a) Listen & Repeat! | I pick some sentences from the Podcast content and provide a list of vocabs, some grammar explanations + extra examples with audio so you can practice by doing “Listen & Repeat!”,
b) Flashcards | I create a short video (up to 40-50 seconds) to introduce useful Japanese grammar that is often used by native Japanese speakers. Some of them are introduced in Patreon Tier 5 “Intensive Sentence Pattern Practice”. I may also include some words or idioms that are very common to hear in everyday life, but not so common to find in textbooks.

2. Podcast: I have been creating this podcast (formerly known as 日本語で鬼シャドーイング- Shadowing in Japanese!) since January 2020. It includes
a) News articles on various topics (I am reading the news),
b) “Chat with Students” series (You can hear my students’ voices), c) JLPT grammar, vocabs, and reading comprehension reviews, and more!

3. Discord: I have also been running discord Study Groups since 2021 as part of my Patreon subscription for
a) Beginner Japanese with Minna no Nihongo / Genki books,
b) JLPT Study Groups for all levels,
c) Intensive Intermediate/Advanced Study Group,
d) A newly added “All You Can Chat Club” with my feedback

There are also free channels open to the public where you can chat with other members!

4. Patreon: There are several tiers you can choose from to learn and practice Japanese.  This is where you can get access to transcripts of my podcast. You can also join the discord study groups mentioned in 3 through this Patreon subscription which I have been running since 2021.

5. Twitter: Occasionally, I tweet to announce the new episode of my podcast or YouTube, what’s going on in my discord groups/Patreon as well as whatever thoughts come to my mind at the time.

6. Instagram & TikTok: For those who find Instagram or TikTok more convenient, I am posting the same content from YouTube on these platforms as well.

Discord Study Groups via Patreon

Here’s more info about my discord Study Groups you could join via Patreon.

1. You can see how different the study groups are in this comparison chart.

2. You can read what other members say about the study groups!