A simple hack to remarkably natural Japanese (2)

Native’s sentences for shadowing



Transcript for the podcast

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Timecodes for the podcast

For beginners – 1st sentence only
1st time (x1) [4:22] – short and slow
2nd time (x15) [5:13] – longer and slow]

For Intermediate & Advanced – Entire paragraph
1st time (x1) [13:51] – short and slow
2nd time (x15) [16:36] – longer and slow
3rd time (x15) [41:14] – long and fast

[ends at 1:01:05]

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Pitch Accent Diagram

Simple hack to natural Japanese

If S do 〜, I think S will be (in a state of) doing ・・・.

Ex) 毎日少しずつ運動すれば、もっと健康な生活を送れるようになっていると思いますよ。
If you exercise little by little every day, I think you will be (in a state of being) able to lead a healithier life.

In about/by ~ at the latest

Ex) 明日の朝ぐらい(まで)には、全部仕事が終わっていると思います。
By tomorrow morning at the latest, I think all my work will be done.

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