[S03E03] 🗣 Reading Aloud for Int. & Adv. (3)🔸 Chat with My Student Series

Timecodes for Grammar with example sentences

[0:00] Intro
[5:01] Chat with D-san
[10:57] Thoughts
[12:43] Read Aloud Sentences
[13:42] Ending

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Read aloud sentences

  1. 僕に合っていて気に入っているし、今のところいい感じでできていてすごく嬉しいんです よ。
    It works well for me so I like it, and for now/up until now I’ve been able to do it well so I am very happy with it (my performance/the result).
  2. 今週は仕事がすごく忙しいんですけど、それでも声に出して読む練習とか、discordで毎日 文章を書く練習とかもちゃんとできているんですよ!
    This week I’ve been so busy, but even then I have been able to/managed to practice reading them aloud and do daily writing challenge on discord.
  3. お役に立てて嬉しいです。Glad I could help.
  4. Mさんとかが話してる内容もどんな感じか気になります!I am curious about what M-san and others are talking about, too!

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