[S02E20] Industry of Sleep Quality (3)

Shadowing Sentences


Grammar & Vocabulary

  • 〜する時:when I do ~
  • 1時間おきに:every hour
  • やること:things to do, what I do
  • 〜を変えながら:while (sometimes) changing ~
  • 少しずつ:little by little
  • 作業する:to do things (that need to be done such as work, etc.)
  • 1ヶ月おきに:every other month
  • 出張がある:to have a business trip
  • その月は:during that month (previously mentioned month)
  • いつもほどは:not as much as usual
  • 時間がない:I don’t have time
  • 1週間ごとに:every week
  • 内容:content, what I do
  • 変える:to change

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