Easy to understand! 鬼JLPT Series【N3】うちに vs. 間 ①

うちに vs. 間 ①

Answer & Translation|答えと英訳

  • Answer|うちに
    • 私が知らないうちに、友達はもう日本に引っ越してしまっていました。
  • English Translation|英訳
    • Before I knew it, my friend had already moved to Japan.

Audio of this sentence is in 鬼シャドポッドキャスト Ep.39

Grammar explanation|文法説明

The difference between 間 and うちに

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B part <もう引っ越して今っていました:had already moved> is a <change of state*> that happened.
→うちに, not 間

* Change of state = Before moving → After moving

  • Before the change: The friend still lived in the same city as yours, for example.
  • After the change: The friend lives in Japan now.

Now, let’s take a look at a sentence that works with 間

While I was cooking, he was watching TV the whole time.

B part <見ていました:was watching> is a <continuous state*>.
→間, not うちに

* Continuous state = State of “watching TV” was on.

Another example?

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